Hayashibara Aya



Full Name: Aya Hayashibara

Also known as: Aya, Samui Ichi.

Sex: Female 

Blood Type: O

Accomplishments: Mid-Level skill martial artist, Aikido. Practiced Sorceress, Weapons Mistress. Talented with her wit and intimidation tactics -vs- the Men.

Specialty: Castration techniques, emotionless expression, and weaponry. 

Weapons Used: Average bamboo staff, Naginata, fists, and magic.


Titles in the Duel of Swords held by Aya Hayashibara:

»»86th Overlord.»»

»»Dragons Gate(8th) 06/17/2007 - 12/18/2007»»

»»New Haven (13th) 03/04/2008 - 07/22/2009»»

»»Old Temple 09/19/2010 - 11/17/2010»»

»»Old Market (11th) 06/05/2011 - 11/20/2011»»

»»Seaside (10th) 2014/06/13 - 10/25/2014»»

»»Dockside(3rd) 02/24/2015 - Present»»

»»21st Baron of the 8th Ring.»»

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Aya is a no-nonsense, serious character with an extremely limited sense of humor, and is really quite literal.

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Aya Hayashibara

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